The Cypocalypse is over…

Teegan and his family returns home.  They have fought hard, and lost many of their possessions. They have not lost any of their family.  In fact, their family has grown.  With Mara the wife, Nisha the daughter and Max the son they had a ranch house that provided enough resources for all of them.  

But now, returning to their abandoned home, they have additional help but also additional mouths to feed.  The two goblins Bluehand (neat and tidy) and Gelson (messy) have proven to be quite helpful in getting chores done.  Also, Michael has tagged along from Alabaster Pass.

This campaign will explore dynamics close to Teegan and his family.  It will be challenging and personal.  Although the threats of the Cypocalypse is just a shadow, there are still many dangers in this fantasy realm.  In the end, the most beautiful question will be posed.

It will be a world, within the family.

The Family Tree